Friday, January 27, 2017

Baby gorilla's first chest pound = FAIL!

"Get these mosquitoes off me!"

Charlie Sheen - Half Man, Half Cocaine

I love funny Wikipedia edits. I wish there was a subreddit for it. During any major sports event, keep an eye on the Wikipedia article for a player who makes a glaring mistake. There will be edits, which are usually quickly deleted. 

Aaron Ripkowski, a running back for the Green Bay Packers, had an early fumble recently against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game. For fun, I went to his wiki page and checked out the edits. Sure enough, there was everything from innocently changing his name to "Aaron Nipplemouthski" to adding this to his biography: "He went on to ruin the post season for the Green Bay Packers vs. the Atlanta Falcons by needlessly fumbling the ball."

Friday, September 16, 2016

iPhone 7 Brightness Issue #Brightgate

I wanted to test out the brightness difference of the iPhone 7's compared to my iPhone 6 plus so I was at the Apple store going through them. To my surprise, all of the iPhone 7's Ive tried had lower full brightness than my 6 plus. Am I missing something? Where is the 25% increase?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

GTA 5 was developed with Next Gen consoles in mind.

It's obvious that V was developed with the next-gen consoles in mind for a long time. The build logs suggest that the PC version has been in the works since at least early-to-middle 2012, and 'Orbis' is mentioned in the game files, which happens to be the OS of the PlayStation 4.

I'd imagine that when developers are done with the raw assets of their project, they start to work on the platforms their game is supposed to release for. In which case the aforementioned assets are downscaled to a quality each given platform is capable of. Since PC happens to be the platform with the most power, games also have higher resolution textures, higher poly models and higher quality audio files [and probably cut-scenes] on it compared to their console counterparts

PS4 and Xbox One's architectures are basically the same as the PC, so porting games from the latter is fairly easy. The only major difference between those platforms is the way the system and video RAM are utilized, the different Operating Systems and the different APIs. But other than that, it is easy to work with them and it's easy to port assets between each of them.

Personally, I found a next-gen release rather unlikely about a year ago or two. However, given the huge success of the PS4 and Xbone it was kind of obvious that Rockstar wouldn't want to miss out the opportunity and release GTAV for those platforms. Who knows, maybe Microsoft and Sony had expected their new consoles to be as successful as they turned out to be, which would explain why R* started to work on the PS4 version over a year ago. Or maybe they knew that a next-gen release would be profitable either way, since it is GTA. Just take a look at GTA IV, the game was released in 2008 when about four to five times less PS360's were on the market compared to now, and it sold in six years almost as much as San Andreas did in ten years, which, in turn, was released at the end of the console generation.

The series is becoming more popular with each new release, and they made so much money with V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that there is practically nothing that could hurt them financially, at this point.

Credit to: Andreas (GTAFORUMS)

GTA 5 was a next-gen game from the start

I somewhat have a suspicion that GTA 5 was originally built for the high-end systems anticipated in 2014, but was downscaled in features and graphics for PS3 and XBOX360 to start selling.

 Why do i think this way?
It's more easier to scale down the done features, than to develop new ones from the scratch or low-poly template. This would also save a lot of work. Before the official release, Rockstar was less bound by deadlines, than to this fall, so i guess they plan to say something like "you ain't seen nothing yet" to excite the crowd again and push up the sales.

This strategy they seem to follow, when they hadn't introduce vehicles and features from the start of GTAO, only to introduce them later bit by bit in the updates. What i'm trying to say, that Rockstar could done much more work before the release, than we saw in GTA 5 and all this we're bound to see in the PC version. I'm looking forward to it.

Credit to: Alvarez (GTAFORUMS)
GTA 5 was a next-gen game from the start

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GTA 5 Next- Gen, PC Release date - September, with Proof

So because it seems that not everyone goes back through all the pages to read all the comments, here again a somewhat brief summary of why delay and other LATE release dates are not viable for Take2 nor R* and also why they aren't that plausible:

Take2 Interactive told us at the 2014 financial phone conference that they expect a 45% share of the total revenue from R* for this fiscal year, which ends in march 2015, so to reach that amount they would have to release it earlier than 2015 to make up for that, i don't think the game will make 45% of the revenue in a few weeks, it will need a couple (with couple i really mean 2-4 months) to get to such amount, don't get me wrong, but since the X1 hasn't been released in some countries and the PS4 isn't in stock in a lot of places (atleast in the Netherlands for example or big parts of West-Europe)

I think it's only logical to release it with such a time gap. I mean a company with such a big prospect, wouldn't make the mistake to release it like 3 weeks before the fiscal year ends, they want a rock solid amount of time to make that share percentage and even more. I myself am a PC fan so that not being in stock issue doesn't count for me, but with respect to the console gamers that would be only fair.
 So here is also the so-called repudiation or renunciation of the people calling for release dates in October/November/December 2014, in other words: Why those given dates can't be true!

We will start with October:
October can't be the release month of the game because of the following: In this month a lot of games will release and most importantly a lot of games from 2K Games. If you didn't know it 2K games is a company part of Take2 Interactive, which is the mother company of Rockstar Games and also 2K Games. So in October the following will release: NBA 2K15, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, WWE 2K15 and ofcourse Evolve, the new IP from 2K Games. So it would be really illogical to release GTA V in that month, in which a lot of blockbuster triple-A titles will be released. All the spotlight will be given to these games, and this is only the line up of 2K-games.

In the same month, October, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will be released and also Alien Isolation and not to forget Battlefield Hardline (only for last-gen though), but also The Evil Within etc. So it will only be a stupid move from a marketing and sales perspective to release the game in October. And since October is the same month in which 2K Games releases most of its games for this year and 2K Games and Rockstar Games are both companies owned by Take2 Interactive, it won't happen. Take2 Interactive takes these things into account, so to make the most revenue you must divide the releases.

Also DriveClub is coming out for the PS4 in that month, which is a huge release for PS4, but still this release adding up to the others only helps the foundation of my argument.

So that was that for October, there are more logical arguments why it can't be October but you can deduce that from the information i have given you in the text above.

November simply is the month in which it won't be released in for the same reason as above: The spotlight and revenue.
These games will be released in November:

  • CoD Advanced Warfare (only for Next-Gen and PC)
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection for X1
  • Far Cry 4
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Project Cars
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity -> 28th of October and only releases for Next-Gen and PC
  • Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • NHL 15
  • The Crew (only for Next-gen and PC, probably anticipated in November)
  • and Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (only for PC and Mac, probably anticipated in November)

While not all of these titles are big titles, a lot of them are and they will be released in November so that's why it wont be the month November.

And now December:
It simply wont be December, because of the time of the year, it's just too close to the end of the fiscal year. So R* probably wont earn 45% of the revenue for this fiscal year if they release it in december.

Any other thoughts of delay or release of GTA V in 2015 is invalid because of my previous arguments including the info given on the Take2 Interactive Financial Call Conference.

Last of all: 
Even though some titles are meant for Last Gen + PC, it wont happen because of the given spotlight argument. People nowadays dont have enough money to buy several games in a month since all the games are being sold for the full price.

So a recap/summary:

October: Too much 2K Games releases + other triple A titles.
November: Same reason but from other developers/publishers.
December: Time of year + Too close to the end of the fiscal year.

So my prediction finally:

September, why you may ask?

  1. -No big releases in September, next to Dead Rising 3 but that isn't a lot of competition since it will only re-release for PC.
  2. -A one year anniversary for GTA V.
  3. -Most logical choice.

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